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More information, including a full copy of the BGA-Alper Integrity Index is available for download here (PDF).

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This Index is the culmination of a year’s worth of exhaustive and, occasionally, painstaking research, analysis, writing, editing and other related tasks performed by the BGA’s policy team, co-workers and contributors.

Now that the 2013 Index is available, one may ask: What type of reaction or change does this watchdog organization hope will occur by bringing to light this mass of crucial information and examination?


The BGA hopes this Index will help inspire people to press for more responsive government. Indeed, if this Index reflects one major trend, it’s that too many states are dismissing or ignoring the public’s right to know. That must change.

To that end, this Index provides the basic but crucial information needed to help people push their calcified governments towards their recognition that openness and accountability is not an obstacle, but rather, the basic passageway to greater democratic freedom and liberty. 



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bga alper cover 2008

Much has changed throughout the United States since the last BGA-Alper Services Integrity Index appeared in 2008.

It is vital for the reader to understand that this latest Index is not meant to be a direct comparison to the 2008 version. Noting that a state has a higher or lower ranking in this year’s charts, compared to 2008’s Index could be misleading because the exact same research methodology and weighting does not apply to both versions.

Each Index reveals where the states’ integrity laws are at the moment and how each stack up against the other states. In short, an Index acts as a snapshot in time, not a historical measure.


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