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gavelBallot business: An appeals court rules the term limits measure will not be on the November ballot, the State Journal-Register reports. 

Constitution comments: The Illinois Constitution is stacked against voters when it comes to term limits, the Trib's editorial board writes. 

Lakeside Lucas location: A Tribune poll finds most Chicago voters are OK with the proposed spot for the Lucas museum. 

Luring the library: Chicago voters are split on whether to use tax dollars to lure the Obama library, a Tribune poll finds. 

Cash calls: Crain's Greg Hinz reports Rosemont is paying off homeowners with "grants" to make up for O'Hare noise. 

Noisy neighbors: Several suburbs place advisory referendums regarding O'Hare noise on their ballots, the Daily Herald reports. 

Debate decision: The gubernatorial candidates commit to three debates but none are in Springfield, the State Journal-Register reports. 

Budget bolstered: An increase in sales tax revenue bolsters Chicago-area transit agency budgets, the Sun-Times reports. 

Train trouble: Chicago-area mayors calls for improved safety measures for long trains carrying oil and other volatile materials, CBS2 reports. 

Probe player: A key player in the red light camera scandal is cooperating with the feds, the Trib reports. 

Divvy drive: Divvy is adding more bike stations to the North and South Sides, the Trib reports. 

Test requirements: Leaders of Chicago's firefighter union are irked about a decision to lower the eligibility age for those who want to take the entrance exam, the Sun-Times reports. 

Housing help: A mixed-income, mixed-use affordable housing complex breaks ground in Woodlawn Park, FOX32 reports. 

A "real Chicagoan": The Sun-Times' editorial board dismisses claims that Rahm isn't a "real Chicagoan." 

MediPot: Hundreds of people attend a town hall meeting on medical marijuana in Chicago, the State Journal-Register reports. 

Design decided: CPS has a new logo designed by students, the Sun-Times reports. 

Director dumped: The director of the DuPage County Forest Preserve District says he was forced out of his job, the Daily Herald reports. 

karen lewis twitter400pxReady to run? Karen Lewis files paperwork with the state to form a campaign committee, ABC7 reports. 

Cash call: A $1 million pledge of support from the American Federation of Teachers "changes the calculus" of Karen Lewis' potential run for mayor, the Sun-Times reports. 

Term limit talk: Bruce Rauner urges for a quick decision on the term limits measure, the State Journal-Register reports.

Jobs report: An improved unemployment rate notwithstanding, Illinois isn't close to reaching its jobs goals, the Trib's editorial board writes. 

Manager mission: The state should hire another firm to manage the Illinois Lottery and give it the freedom to truly leverage its expertise, the State Journal-Register reports. 

Violence vision: Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez says Chicago needs to loosen up on marijuana and crack down on guns to stop street violence, Crain's reports. 

Clinic closure: Advocates blast Rahm over the 2012 closing of half of Chicago's mental health clinics, the Sun-Times reports.

Graduate game: Rahm defends the fire department's preference hiring of CPS graduates, WBBM Newsradio reports. 

Making the grade: Graduates from Illinois high schools show higher ACT scores than last year, but still only about a quarter of them are prepared for college, the Trib reports. 

School site: South Side parents urge CPS to OK a Concept charter school in Chatham, the Sun-Times reports. 

Return release: Rahm echoes Gov. Quinn in calling for Bruce Rauner's tax returns, the Trib reports. 

Company call-out: Inc. magazine lists Chicago among the top cities for fastest growing companies, Crain's reports. 

Premium prices: Insurance premiums for state retirees will decrease on Sept. 1, the State Journal-Register reports. 

Milk MoneyFee frenzy: A Tribune analysis finds athletic programs at Illinois' public universities are largely funded by students. 

Smoking cessation: Rahm is urged to ban smoking in city parks and public housing and to slap other tobacco products with higher taxes, the Sun-Times reports. 

Pay-to-play? An appeals court reinstates a lawsuit brought by riverboat casinos that claims racetrack owners bribed Blago to sign legislation giving them 3 percent of casino revenue, the State Journal-Register reports. 

Board biz: CPS students rally to demand an elected school board, the Sun-Times reports. 

Medicaid money: An audit finds Illinois used faulty methods of withdrawing federal Medicaid money, which led to regular overdraws the state struggled to repay, the State Journal-Register reports. 

Rahm's race? Rahm's critics struggle to find a worthy opponent in the mayor's race, FOX32 reports. 

Defendant DNA: Gov. Quinn signs a new state law that gives defendants who plead guilty to a crime a chance to use DNA evidence to clear their name if that evidence was not available during trial, the Trib reports. 

The catch: About 500 jobs are coming to Rockford, but only after taxpayers pay for a $40 million maintenance facility, Crain's reports. 

Jobs joust: There is no clear answer on if Illinois' jobs glass is half full or half empty, Crain's Greg Hinz reports. 

Wage work: A Tribune poll finds most Chicago voters back a $13 minimum wage. 

Caribbean cash: Bruce Rauner's former private equity firm set up investment vehicles in the Cayman Islands while he was the chairman, the Sun-Times reports. 

City sale: Chicago is looking to sell three parking lots and a parking garage, the Trib reports. 

Parade route: Ald. Tom Tunney surveys residents about moving the Chicago Pride Parade downtown, CBS2 reports. 

Law of the land: New laws make it easier to file nursing home complaints and for the state to donate items to a potential Obama library in Illinois, the Trib reports. 

Attendance accolades: CPS improved its student attendance records last year, ABC7 reports. 

Truancy trouble: Parents, school staff and community members all have a role in fighting truancy, the Daily Herald's editorial board writes. 

Fair fall: Attendance at the Illinois State Fair is down 11 percent, and officials blame rain, the Trib reports. 

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