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Chicago_flag_365x243BGAphotoReady to run? Ald. Bob Fioretti mulls a mayoral bid, pitches a commuter tax and criticizes Rahm, FOX32 reports. 

Council concessions: Rahm promises to declare a surplus of all new property tax revenue--generated from the proposed property tax hike--in all TIF districts, the Sun-Times reports.  

Veto power: Bruce Rauner urges Gov. Quinn to veto the Chicago pension bill, Crain's reports. 

Hear here: An Illinois House committee plans a daylong gambling expansion hearing in Chicago on Wednesday, the State Journal-Register reports.  

Job jump: Amid an ethics investigation, James D'Amico left his high-profile Cook County job only to be hired by the CTA months later, the Sun-Times reports. 

Violence visit: FBI Director James Comey says his agency would consider doing more to stop street violence but doesn't offer specifics, FOX32 reports. 

Spending scrutinized: The Illinois House orders a new audit of Gov. Quinn's troubled anti-violence program, the Sun-Times reports. 

Crime calls: Criminal cases should be tried on facts, not political pressure, the Sun-Times' editorial board writes. 

Koschman case: Daley nephew R.J. Vanecko completes his jail term in the Koschman manslaughter case, CBS2 reports. 

Winds of change: The State Journal-Register's editorial board supports a bill that would start the 10-year statute of limitations on sexual assault cases from the day a rape kit is examined. 

Bag ban: Aldermen delay a vote on the plastic bag ban until later this month, WBBM Newsradio reports. 

Taking the stand: A judge says five cops, three from Chicago and two from Glenview, were caught lying under oath, the Trib reports. 

Chicken run: Citing nuisance complaints, Ald. Pat Dowell rezones an area of Bronzeville, shutting out a Harold's Chicken franchise, the Sun-Times reports. 

Suicide settlement: The family of a woman who committed suicide while locked up receives at least $1 million from McHenry County Jail, the Trib reports. 

E-cig ordinance: Many Chicago area communities make it illegal for teens to possess e-cigarettes, the Trib reports. 

handgun_RobertNelson_FlickrShootings swell: It was a violent weekend in Chicago: 33 people wounded and four killed in gun violence, the Sun-Times reports. 

Recurring problem? A police officer at the center of the Koschman case's missing files was involved in another death investigation where records went missing, the Sun-Times reports. 

City cash: The Sun-Times' editorial board outlines realistic options for more city revenue. 

Tax talk: The Tribune's editorial board details why Illinois and Chicago-area politicians are so anxious to raise taxes. 

Tough times: With six weeks left in spring session, legislators must make tough tax votes, the State Journal-Register reports. 

Pension plan: Due to a quirk in state law, Chicago gets an unexpected windfall from the pension plan property tax hike, Crain's reports. 

Smart suggestion: The Daily Herald's editorial board endorses a bill that would ban secret severance agreements made between government entities and departing employees. 

Sunshine support: The bill to ban confidentiality clauses in government severance and settlement agreements is the right move for more transparency, the State Journal-Register reports. 

Policy approved: Metra's board approves an anti-patronage policy, the Trib reports. 

NW Side noise: Homeowners on Chicago's Northwest Side win property tax appeals due to noise from O'Hare Airport, FOX32 reports. 

Cash control: Rahm tightens the reins on cash spending after it was discovered a low-level clerk allegedly stole hundreds of thousands of dollars, the Sun-Times reports. 

Squad stalled: Rows of brand new Illinois State Police squad cars sit unused because they do not have the appropriate lights, computers and electronics, the Trib reports. 

Car criticism: Despite safety concerns, many Illinois cops still prefer the Ford Crown Victoria, the Trib reports. 

School slam: The Tribune's editorial board says legislators are trying to stifle innovation by curbing charter schools. 

Bag ban: A ban in Chicago will not solve the plastic bag problems, the Trib's editorial board writes. 

Behind bars? Experts question why jail and fines, instead of social services, are administered to women in the Chicago area caught in prostitution stings, the Trib reports. 

Cold cases: New FBI fingerprint technology is helping solve Illinois cold cases, the Trib reports. 

Sprinkler support: A bill to change the rules on sprinkler systems in residential high-rise buildings stalls in the House, the Trib reports. 

Right to vote: The Sun-Times' editorial board applauds the Illinois House' vote to stop voter suppression. 

Veggie availability: Illinois Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon encourages farmers markets to accept debit-style food stamp cards with wireless technology provided by the state, the State Journal-Register reports. 

Board business: Broadcaster Orion Samuelson is appointed to the Illinois Racing Board, the State Journal-Register reports. 

Tax talk: Illinois gas station owners speak out against raising the gas tax, the State Journal-Register reports. 

Parking payment: A new app that allows Chicagoans to pay to park via their smartphones begins testing this week, ABC7 reports. 

Young DREAMers: Rahm opens jobs and fellowships to those affected by the DREAM Act, Crain's reports. 

Milk MoneySecret snatching: The Illinois House votes to make public the secret severance deals Illinois government entities make with departing employees, the Sun-Times reports. 

Metra moves: Metra tries to clean up its act, but riders want to see more when it comes to service, Crain's Greg Hinz writes. 

Scandal shake: House Speaker Mike Madigan was absolved of any wrongdoing in the Metra patronage flap because the ethics law is weak, the Trib's editorial board writes. 

May the force be with us: George Lucas' museum would be great for Chicago, the Sun-Times' editorial board writes. 

Win by losing? Yes, Michael Madigan's "millionaire tax" failed, but it's also leverage against Republicans in the upcoming election, Crain's Greg Hinz writes. 

Spin zone: CPS' per student budget increase is all smoke and mirrors, the Sun-Times' editorial board writes. 

Square off: Gov. Quinn and Bruce Rauner will make their first joint appearance in the campaign for governor at a Illinois Education Association event, the State Journal-Register reports. 

Scam slam: A one-time aide to a former Illinois public health chief pleads guilty in a federal bribery and kickback scheme, the Trib reports. 

Framed? A former gang member and Death Row inmate says new files show the Chicago police framed him in a double murder case, the Sun-Times reports. 

Rep. report: Indicted Illinois state Rep. La Shawn Ford is elected to a CPS Local School Council, CBS2 reports. 

Pay day: Chicago won't have the borrow the $20 million needed for firefighter and paramedic's back pay, the Sun-Times reports. 

Reigning in ride-sharing: The Illinois House votes in favor of regulating ride-sharing services despite thousands of emails from riders, WBEZ reports. 

Bill backed: The bill to overhaul the school funding formula clears a Senate committee, the State Journal-Register reports. 

Quota control: The Senate OKs a bill outlawing police ticket quotas, the State Journal-Register reports. 

Train trouble: A CTA Blue Line train derails, causing delays but no injuries, ABC7 reports. 

Cutting cops: Due to budget constraints, suburban Lyons' police force will be cut by one-third, ABC7 reports. 

Trial try: Chicago State University seeks a new trial in a whistleblower case, citing juror conduct issues, the Trib reports. 

Workplace work: The Illinois House OKs a bill to give pregnant employees more rights, the Sun-Times reports. 

Effort axed: A bill to ban "conversion therapy" aimed to make gay and bisexual people heterosexual fails in the Illinois House, the Sun-Times reports. 

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