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CPS_BGAphoto_board_education_cawley_winckler_babbitzName game: CPS is quietly ditching plans to name a North Side school after President Obama, the New York Daily News reports. 

Ballot business: Attorneys for the Republican party attempt to have the Libertarian candidate for governor thrown off the ballot, the State Journal-Register reports. 

Proposed plan: Bruce Rauner releases an ethics reform plan that experts say is a step in the right direction but difficult to implement, the State Journal-Register reports. 

Tax talk: Crain's Greg Hinz says Ald. Bob Fioretti's commuter tax is a nonstarter. 

Sting slam: Lawyers allege state Sen. Donne Trotter took $2,000 in an FBI sting, the Sun-Times reports. 

Subtle signage: Ald. Brendan Reilly wants classier, more subtle signage along Michigan Avenue, the Sun-Times reports. 

Trumped: Donald Trump is glad an ordinance will essentially make his sign one of a kind and says it's Chicago's Hollywood sign, the Sun-Times reports.

Sign of good taste: The new sign ordinance for the Chicago River are will make it a showcase of good taste, the Sun-Times' editorial board writes. 

Record release: Records show indicted West Side police Cmdr. Glenn Evans was suspended from duty 11 times in 28 years, WBEZ reports. 

Jail jobs: Hundreds of people apply for jobs at Thomson Correctional Center, the State Journal-Register reports. 

NFL: Gov. Quinn calls on Bruce Rauner, a part owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, to condemn domestic violence, the State Journal-Register reports. 

Mayors' meeting: Rahm will host a summit of mayors from the Great Lakes region, Crain's reports. 

Air ways: A worldwide aviation conference in Chicago this weekend could mean more and cheaper flights to and from the city, the Trib reports. 

Position promises: Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White says, if re-elected, he will focus on using technology in his office and improving highway safety, the State Journal-Register reports. 

Road work: A new survey finds Illinois expressways are among the most congested in the country, WBBM Newsradio reports. 

Poverty percentage: Data shows about 14 percent of the Chicago area, or 1.3 million people, live in poverty, the Sun-Times reports. 

illinois sealBGAphoto470x290Tax talk: A study puts Illinois near the bottom in a ranking of tax fairness across the country, the Sun-Times reports.  

Survey says: A survey finds Chicagoans are concerned about crime and infrastructure problems, but they are optimistic, Crain's reports. 

Better than nothing: A proposal to move City Council under the watch of Chicago Inspector General Joe Ferguson is flawed but still a move in the right direction, the Sun-Times' editorial board writes. 

Program probe: The feds issue a new subpoena in the investigation of Gov. Quinn's anti-violence program, the State Journal-Register reports. 

Records release: A public records expert says Gov. Quinn's handling of releasing public documents related to his anti-violence program "stinks," the Sun-Times reports. 

MediPot problem: Bruce Rauner says he would've vetoed the medical marijuana bill because there's too much secrecy in the program, the State Journal-Register reports. 

Press pass: Bruce Rauner bars student journalists from a press event, NBC5 reports. 

Rough race: The Quinn/Rauner race becomes more bitter as the candidates question each other's honesty and trustworthiness, Crain's reports. 

Cleaning house: Rahm says the company paid for janitorial services at CPS can clean up the schools or "clean out their desks and get out," the Sun-Times reports. 

Riverwalk restrictions: In response to the Trump sign flap, Rahm proposes a special sign district along the Chicago River, NBC5 reports. 

Dollar decisions: A Tribune poll shows Illinois voters don't want to use tax dollars to lure the Obama library. 

Record ruckus: Ald. Bob Fioretti's old campaign records are incomplete and disorganized, the Sun-Times reports. 

Campaign criticism: Rahm doesn't join his campaign in criticizing Ald. Bob Fioretti, instead choosing to focus on his own track record, the Trib reports. 

Wrigley revamp: Rahm gives the OK for the Cubs to break ground at Wrigley, the Sun-Times reports. 

Money matters: The College of DuPage spent $26 million over the past 16 months without the board of trustees knowing specifically how the money was allocated, the Daily Herald reports. 

Homeless help: Rahm announces a $5 million program to combat veteran homelessness, NBC5 reports. 

Sound the alarm: Carbon monoxide detectors belong in schools, the State Journal-Register's editorial board writes. 

Personal problems: Personal spats between the Kane County Board chair and the county coroner impede official business, the Daily Herald's editorial board writes. 

Press pause: A state panel delays its decision on fracking rules, the State Journal-Register reports. 

FBI building3 suntimes michael schmidt800New lease on life: After a BGA investigation, the Sun-Times' editorial board says the federal government should renegotiate the lease of Chicago's FBI building. 

Library list: Four universities are on the short list for the Obama library: Columbia University, University of Chicago, University of Illinois at Chicago and University of Hawaii, NBC5 reports. 

House call: It's time for Gov. Quinn to clean house at IDOT, the Trib's editorial board writes.

Hiring help? Gov. Quinn says a hiring monitor is not needed at the state level, the Sun-Times reports. 

Fire hires? Bruce Rauner's call to fire all patronage hires at IDOT would affect many Springfield workers, the State Journal-Register reports.

Voter validation: A Tribune poll finds Illinois voters favor referendum issues such as a minimum wage increase and a tax on millionaires. 

Cam calls: The question is no longer why should Chicago equip cops with body cameras but why not, the Trib's editorial board writes. 

Speed zone: Chicago aldermen say speed cameras unfairly target South Side drivers, FOX32 reports. 

Service slump: CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett says privatizing the district's janitorial services didn't go as smoothly as planned, WBEZ reports. 

Name game: Barack and Michelle Obama have two south suburban schools named after them, NBC5 reports. 

Rooting for retirees: Mayoral challenger Ald. Bob Fioretti says Rahm has pushed retired city workers closer to poverty by increasing their health insurance premiums, the Sun-Times reports. 

Cash collection: Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan pulls in more than $350,000 in campaign cash in one weekend, Crain's reports. 

Czar spar: Candidates emerge to become Chicago's new aviation czar, Crain's reports. 

Vest request: The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation launches a fundraiser to offset the cost of bulletproof vests, the Trib reports. 

Trial time: A trial is set for a Chicago police offer charged with a woman's death, the Trib reports. 

Principal problem: Community members are confused by the ouster of the Marshall High School principal, the Sun-Times reports. 

Rail ready: Illinois and Michigan move forward with high speed rail plans, the Sun-Times reports. 

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