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chicago skyline bgaphoto600x450Job jacking? Rahm jumps on the Indiana religious freedom law and writes letters to more than a dozen Indiana-based companies to lure them to Chicago, Crain's reports. 

Bankruptcy bill: A proposed bill pushes for the possibility of Illinois municipalities declaring bankruptcy, the State Journal-Register reports. 

Survey says: A survey finds 77 percent of CTA riders are happy with train and bus service, down from 81 percent in 2011, the Sun-Times reports. 

Draft dollars: Crain's editorial board says Chicago deserves to know the true cost of hosting the NFL draft next month. 

Cheers and jeers: At a West Side NAACP forum, Chuy gets a warm reception and Rahm gets heckled, the Sun-Times reports. 

Southwest Side story: The Tribune reports mixed success at a community organization Chuy led in Little Village. 

College cash: Prosecutors open an investigation into College of DuPage spending, the Trib reports. 

Bail bucks: The Sun-Times' editorial board encourages the state to outlaw excessive bail skimming. 

Landmark lesson: The Trib's editorial board says landmark status shouldn't be too easy and that owners of the Hancock Center deserve to make changes to the building if they wish. 

Lotto leader: Gov. Rauner names a new superintendent of the Illinois Lottery, Crain's reports. 

302088QA3LrUOZBudget biz: The Illinois Senate passes a plan that fills the state's budget gap with special funds, and Gov. Rauner signs it, Crain's reports. 

Schock's send-off: U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock compares himself to Abraham Lincoln during his farewell speech on the House floor, Politico reports. 

Debate details: In a second televised debate, Chuy calls the Lucas museum a "monument to Darth Vader," while Rahm defends the site, CBS2 reports. 

Willis windfall: Chicago will get roughly $10 million in real estate transaction fees from the sale of the Willis Tower, Crain's reports. 

Teacher talk: For its next contract, the Chicago Teachers Union seeks smaller class sizes, fewer tests and no new charters, the Sun-Times reports. 

Contract calls: Without receiving a singe bid, College of DuPage gives $630,000 of work to a foundation board member, the Trib reports. 

Board blast: Three seats are open on the College of DuPage board, and now is the time for change, the Trib's editorial board writes. 

Accident report: A CTA train operator who drove her train up an escalator at O'Hare a year ago says she was tired and had worked about 56 hours the week before the accident, CBS2 reports. 

Case commitment: The wheels of justice move too slow in police torture cases, the Sun-Times' editorial board writes. 

Commencement cash: A new bill would ban public funds used for college commencement speakers, the Champaign News-Gazette reports. 

chicago skyline bgaphoto470x290Population parked: Census data shows population growth has stalled in the greater Chicago region, Crain's reports. 

Time served: Jesse Jackson Jr. leaves prison, ABC7 reports. 

Tape talk: The BGA obtains audio tape of a Metropolitan Water Reclamation District employee discussing drinking and sleeping on the job. 

Smart streamlining: Belleville looks to eliminate its redundant township government, the State Journal-Register reports. 

Road work: A secret study commissioned by the Quinn administration shows finances for the Illiana Expressway are shaky, Crain's reports. 

Stop slam: We should all be troubled by the huge number of stops by Chicago police, the Sun-Times' editorial board writes. 

Commander claims: Inmates who were allegedly abused by former Chicago Police Cmdr. Jon Burge could get hearings on their claims of innocence, the Trib reports. 

Budget biz: State senators are expected to vote today on a plan to close the budget gap, the State Journal-Register reports. 

Financial features: Mayoral challenger Jesus "Chuy" Garcia says he wants a graduated state income tax and an expanded sales tax, the Trib reports. 

Smoke out: A senate committee approves a bill to ban smoking in cars with minors, NBC5 reports. 

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