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Morning Watch - February 20

Feb 20, 2013

Court date: Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife Sandi Jackson are expected to plead guilty at a federal court in Washington D.C. today for misusing campaign cash, the Trib reports

Mayor's millions: Rahm launches a program to raise $50 million over five years from the business community to help at-risk youth, the Sun-Times reports

Root cause: The Sun-Times' editorial board says it's time for the business community to step up to help curb urban violence at the root of the problem. 

Deliverables: Chicago Teachers Union members say president Karen Lewis didn't deliver during the strike, and they will try to unseat her, the Trib reports

Job report: Robin Kelly, a contender for the 2nd District seat, faces an investigation into whether she improperly reported time off from her previous taxpayer-funded job as chief of staff for then-treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, the Trib reports

Hear here: The Illinois House Judiciary committee holds its first hearing on gun control, that State Journal-Register reports

Packing heat: The NRA says L and bus riders should be able to carry concealed weapons, the Sun-Times reports

State says: A poll from the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute finds Illinoisans are more in favor of strict gun controls than the rest of the country. 

Results? The State Journal-Register's editorial board says Illinois lawmakers get paid well but have produced lousy results. 

Ties that bind: If Illinois passes the same-sex marriage bill, couples with civil unions will be able to transition to a marriage if they wish, the Daily Herald reports

Clout control: A new hire is questioned after a job is created and given to the Kane County Board chairman's political ally, the Daily Herald reports

Program padding: Several Des Plaines police officers face suspension for padding hours related to a state grant program, the Daily Herald reports. 

Put out the torch: Rahm says Chicago won't be in the running for a 2024 Olympics bid, NBC Chicago reports

Evidence errors: Dozens of unprocessed rape kits are found in Robbins Police Department, CBS 2 reports

Firing squad: The NIU police chief is fired amid misconduct allegations stemming from a high-profile rape case, the Trib reports

Not so tasty: Despite changes to last year's Taste of Chicago, the event lost $1.3 million, the Trib reports

Survey says: A Crain's poll shows Illinoisans are in favor of an increase in the minimum wage but are more mixed when it comes to immigration reform. 

Sue for centers: Guardians and advocates sue the state to block the closure of residential centers for the severely disabled, the Sun-Times reports

Attractive? A tourism group proposes potential Chicago attractions to draw more visitors to the city, including glass-enclosed cable cars along the Chicago River and a jazz and blues hall of fame, the Sun-Times reports

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