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Morning Watch - January 22

Jan 22, 2013

Cleanup hitter: Tom Ricketts' self-financed $300 million reconstruction plan for Wrigley Field has preliminary backing from Rahm but still faces pushback from rooftop club owners, Crain's reports

Maybe: To pay for costly renovations, Ald. Tom Tunney won't rule out easing landmark rules and other restrictions that limit advertising possibilities at Wrigley Field, the Trib reports

Sliding into home: The Trib's editorial board applauds the new Wrigley plan and hopes the city will help out with zoning and landmark rules. 

Pension pause: The pension crisis prompts a growing number of state legislators to say they won't accept their pensions, the Bloomington Pantagraph reports

Payment plan: Ambulance service suffers as the state delays payments for patients covered by Illinois' Medicaid program, the State Journal-Register reports.

State shortfall: State Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka says lawmakers must approve $1 billion in additional spending to ensure state programs continue running this year, the State Journal-Register reports

Release report: After six years in prison, former Gov. George Ryan prepares to move to a halfway house, NBC Chicago reports

Security scrutiny: Members of Mayor Daley's security detail are being questioned in relation to the manslaughter case against Daley's nephew, R.J. Vanecko, the Sun-Times reports

Use it, you lose it: The Trib's editorial board says the courthouse cell phone ban is draconian, and, instead, rules should be posted about phone usage and confiscated if broken. 

Library locale: President Obama reportedly has a former aide scouting presidential library locations in Chicago, NBC Chicago reports

No President Emanuel: Rahm says he has no presidential aspirations, the Trib reports

Replacement process: The Trib's editorial board praises Rahm's plan for a more transparent way to replace aldermen leaving mid-term. 

Finance framing: It's time for Gov. Quinn to take action on the state fiscal cliff that's approaching in 2015, the State Journal-Register's editorial board writes

Battle of Midway: The Trib's editorial board hopes the Midway Airport privatization process doesn't go the way of the parking meter deal. 

Freedom fight: Charter schools get a big win when it comes to their ability to unionize, the Trib's editorial board remarks.

No shot in the arm: Schools will be further financially squeezed over the summer when they will be required to hire certified school nurses, the State Journal-Register reports.

Medical misstep: A jury awards a man $12 million for being denied prescribed epilepsy medication while a prison at Statesville Correction Center, the Trib reports

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