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Big Emanuel Donor, Husband Of Alderman Cited For Illegally Lobbying The Mayor Through His Personal Email

June 16, 2017
The total of those hit for lobbying the mayor without registering rises to three in cases that emanate from a BGA lawsuit that led Mayor Emanuel to release thousands of pages of business related emails from his personal accounts.

Another Case Of Improper Lobbying Suspected In Wake Of BGA Lawsuit Settlement

May 22, 2017
City ethics watchdogs have uncovered enough evidence to suspect yet another instance of improper lobbying of Chicago officials, an issue that came to light following settlement of a Better Government Association lawsuit over Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s personal email accounts.

Chicago Fire Department Discrimination Payouts Approach $92 Million Since 2008

February 2, 2017
The fire department, dogged for decades by race and sex discrimination allegations, has cost the city a hefty price -- and allegations continue.  
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