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Key IL Lawmakers Backing BGA Petition to End Legislative Scholarships

With support from the Senate and House Leadership, a bill to eliminate legislative scholarships can pass and be ready for the Governor to sign by the end of February.

By Better Government Association

January 30, 2012 9:43 AM

CHICAGO – Key Illinois lawmakers are supporting the Better Government Association's online petition — — to eliminate the legislative scholarship program. The program, which allows every lawmaker to grant two scholarships a year to a state-sponsored university is beyond reform and should be eliminated.

On Tuesday morning in Springfield, the BGA will deliver petition signatures to the following Illinois lawmakers and leaders:

  • Governor Pat Quinn
  • Lt. Governor Sheila Simon
  • Speaker of the House Michael J. Madigan
  • House Minority Leader Tom Cross
  • Senate President John J. Cullerton
  • Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno

The BGA is encouraged that 94 members of the general assembly have voluntarily opted out of the legislative scholarship program, including the entire Republican Caucus lead by Senator Christine Radogno. Here are the names of lawmakers who have opted out:

>> Illinois Senate Opt Outs (see below for full list)
>> Illinois House Opt Outs (see below for full list)

With support from the Senate and House Leadership, a bill to eliminate legislative scholarships can pass and be ready for the Governor to sign by the end of February. There are currently five legislative bills already filed, sponsored by Republicans and Democrats in both the House and Senate. Here is a list of the current bills

>> Illinois Legislative Scholarship Bills (PDF)

In theory, the scholarships go to deserving students who have the brains to attend a state school, but don’t have the bucks to pay tuition. In reality, the program has been abused as a precious political perk gifted to lawmakers' friends. There is little oversight or accountability.

Recent investigations by the Better Government Association and other media outlets found lawmakers abusing the program by doling out tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships to children or relatives of their friends, political allies and supporters. The latest example came last week when the BGA reported that State Rep. Robert Rita gave a scholarship to the daughter of Chicago Alderman Anthony Beale, a friend and political ally of Rep. Rita. Read the investigation here.

"The BGA recommends lawmakers dump the legislative scholarship program because it's rotting from within, lacks accountability and is not based on merit but clout," says Emily Miller, BGA Policy and Government Affairs Coordinator. Read more from Emily Miller on the BGA's Think Tank blog.

The BGA is urging its members to sign the petition and contact their lawmakers to urge them to eliminate the legislative scholarship program. 

Media Contact: Mary Frances O’Connor
Better Government Association
Chicago, IL 60606
O: 312.821.9026
C: 773.383.1009


Illinois Senate Opt Outs From Legislate Scholarships Program (as of 1/30/12)

Sen. Pamela Althoff R District 32
Sen. Tim Bivins R 45
Sen. Larry Bomke R 50
Sen. William Brady R 44
Sen. Shane Cultra R 53
Sen. Kirk Dillard R 24
Sen. Dan Duffy R 26
Sen. Michael Frerichs D 52
Sen. Susan Garrett D 29
Sen. Don Harmon D 39
Sen. Christine Johnson R 35
Sen. Thomas Johnson R 48
Sen. John Jones R 54
Sen. Dan Kotowski D 33
Sen. Darin LaHood R 37
Sen. Chris Lauzen R 25
Sen. David Luechtefel R 58
Sen. Sam McCann R 49
Sen. Kyle McCarter R 51
Sen. John Millner R 28
Sen. Matt Murphy R 27
Sen. Carole Pankau R 23
Sen. Christine Radogno R 41
Sen. Sue Rezin R 38
Sen. Dale Righter R 55
Sen. Ron Sandack R 21
Sen. Suzi Schmidt R 31
Sen. Jeffrey Schoenberg D 9
Sen. Heather Steans D 7
Sen. Jon Sullivan D 47
Sen. Dave Syverson R 34
Sen. A.J. Wilhelmi D 43



Illinois House Opt Outs From Legislate Scholarships Program (as of 2/7/12)

Rep. Jason Barickman R District 105
Rep. Patricia Bellock R 47
Rep. Daniel Biss D 17
Rep. Dan Brady R 88
Rep. Rich Brauer R 100
Rep. Kelly Cassidy D 14
Rep. John Cavaletto R 107
Rep. Franco Coladipietro R 45
Rep. Sandy Cole R 62
Rep. Michael Connelly R 48
Rep. Jerry Costello, II D 116
Rep. Fred Crespo D 44
Rep. Tom Cross R 84
Rep. William Cunningham D 35
Rep. Lisa Dugan D 79
Rep. Jim Durkin R 82
Rep. Roger L. Eddy R 109
Rep. Paul Evans R 102
Rep. Keith Farnham D 43
Rep. Sara Feigenholtz D 12
Rep. Mike Fortner R 95
Rep. Kent Gaffney R 52
Rep. Jehan Gordon D 92
Rep. Norine Hammond R 94
Rep. David Harris R 66
Rep. Greg Harris D 13
Rep. Kay Hatcher R 50
Rep. Chad Hays R 104
Rep. Naomi Jakobsson D 103
Rep. Dwight Kay R 112
Rep. Renee Kosel R 81
Rep. Lou Lang D 16
Rep. David R. Leitch R 73
Rep. Karen May D 58
Rep. Sidney H. Mathias R 53
Rep. Emily McAsey D 85
Rep. Michael P. McAuliffe R 20
Rep. Donald L. Moffitt R 74
Rep. Thomas Morrison R 54
Rep. Richard Morthland R 71
Rep. Rosemary Mulligan R 65
Rep. Michelle Mussman D 56
Rep. Elaine Nekritz D 57
Rep. Chris Nybo R 41
Rep. JoAnn D. Osmond R 61
Rep. Sandra Pihos R 42
Rep. Robert W. Pritchard R 70
Rep. Randy Ramey, Jr. R 55
Rep. Dennis Reboletti R 46
Rep. David Reis R 108
Rep. Chapin Rose R 110
Rep. Pam Roth R 75
Rep. Timothy Schmitz R 49
Rep. Darlene Senger R 96
Rep. Carol Sente D 59
Rep. Keith P. Sommer R 106
Rep. Ed Sullivan Jr. R 51
Rep. Jil Tracy R 93
Rep. Michael Unes R 91
Rep. Jim Watson R 97
Rep. Ann Williams D 11
Rep. Dave Winters R 68



*To add your name to the list of lawmakers who have voluntarily opted out of the legislative scholarship program, please contact Joe from the BGA at 




If you appreciate the work of the BGA, please consider making a donation.

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