Tally Of Ethics Probes Tied To Emanuel Email Release Hits 14

April 19, 2017
Communications released by settlement of a BGA transparency lawsuit against the Emanuel Administration shine an ever brighter light on the special access afforded to favor-seekers with influence and power. 

Chicago Light Overhaul To Cost Double That Of New York’s

March 28, 2017
Mayor Emanuel’s troubled infrastructure trust will take a back seat when the city begins a $160 million energy efficiency changeout of streetlights.

Poor In Chicago And Illinois Targeted In Trump Budget Cuts

March 16, 2017
The president’s new budget proposes to do away with several popular aid programs, with the brunt of the pain focused on programs that serve low income residents. 

Trust Or Bust? Emanuel’s 'Breakout' Infrastructure Plan Delivers Little

March 6, 2017
The mayor appears to have generated more headlines than results with a privatized infrastructure spending proposal that has cost taxpayers millions of dollars more than he said it would.  

Chicago In Crosshairs Of Trump’s Sanctuary Cities Crackdown

January 25, 2017
Despite a lack of specific details from President Trump’s executive order, a BGA analysis shows that Chicago could lose billions in federal aid.

BGA Analysis: Trump's 'Sanctuary City' Plan Could Cost Chicago $3.6 Billion

December 9, 2016
Despite a clear lack of specific details from the President-elect, a BGA analysis shows that Chicago could lose at least $3.6 billion in federal aid in 2017 if Donald Trump follows through on his campaign promises.

Chicago Bag Tax Is About Green, But Which Kind?

November 16, 2016
Mayor Rahm Emanuel says bag tax is about the environment, but critics say it's about cash.

Illinois Awash In Tax Breaks

October 19, 2016
Rich and poor alike benefit from loopholes worth more than enough to close the state budget deficit.

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