BGA-backed Cook County Measure Would Add Public Voice To Legislative Process

May 12, 2017

The Cook County Board of Commissioners is considering an ordinance that could transform access to and transparency of the legislative process in local government.

CPS IG Criticizes Roadblocks To Oversight; Other IGs Encounter Too

December 19, 2016
CPS IG makes argument for greater independence, reflecting longstanding BGA concerns over giving Chicago watchdogs adequately empowered oversight. 

Vote Local: A Look At Chicago's Hyperlocal Advisory Referenda

July 22, 2016
Citywide referenda get much attention, but a closer look shows a more focused use of this tool at the community level.

A Closer Look At Chicago's Citywide Advisory Referenda

July 19, 2016
A closer look at non-binding city ballot questions shows a renewed interest in their use, but a mixed bag of results.

Shining A Light On Complex City Deals: A New Model

June 21, 2016
New law uses 2015 privatization ordinance as model for transparency and oversight of risky financial deals.

Lots of Ways To Pick Top Cop

April 7, 2016
Each city has its way but Chicago’s mayor is changing a longtime method for naming a police leader.

Chicago IG Law Scores Points But Not The Big Win

February 23, 2016
BGA game plan: Push City Council to give watchdog full investigative power, including audits.

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