Andy Shaw: Empty Voting Booths A Symbol Of Our Ailing Democracy

April 15, 2017
“By any statistical measure we’re a worse democracy today than 40 or even 20 years ago.” -Dick Simpson, political scientist

Andy Shaw: Illinois School District Administration A Bureaucratic Boondoggle

April 1, 2017
Illinois school districts are so administratively top heavy that they're depriving schools of valuable instruction dollars.

Andy Shaw: Time For Leaders To Walk The Walk On Chicago Reform Talk

March 18, 2017
Reforming gun sentencing, bail and police union contracts are just some of the encouraging efforts around Chicago.

Andy Shaw: Legislative Term Limits No Panacea But Illinois Voters Want Them Anyway

March 4, 2017
BGA President & CEO Andy Shaw tackles term limits in his first bi-weekly column for Crain's Chicago Business. 

Tougher Gun Laws Just One Piece Of The Chicago Violence Puzzle

February 5, 2017
Critics of longer prison sentences for gun crimes compare the idea to the "War on Drugs," which imprisoned thousands of minorities without reducing drug trafficking or usage.

Internal Watchdogs Are Essential But Many Politicians Still Resist Oversight

January 15, 2017
Hey pols: Are you finally ready to equip your internal watchdogs with a loud bark and sharp teeth? The silence is deafening.

More Transparency From Emanuel, But Watchdog Work Far From Over

January 8, 2017
We can't let public officials hide conversations that affect our lives and tax dollars in personal email accounts that are often inaccessible.

U Of I Researchers Offer Sobering Reality And Fixes For Illinois

December 25, 2016
The state's prognosis is pretty grim, but there are bitter pills our leaders could prescribe if we want a chance at recovery.

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