Park District Police: Costly And Questionably Redundant

April 7, 2017
A handful of Illinois park districts operate taxpayer-funded police forces separate from the regular police departments that already patrol the same communities. With badges sometimes handed to the well-connected, the practice raises questions of redundancy, liability, nepotism and expense.

Video Gambling Jackpot For Pols And Pals

March 18, 2017
The growth of video gambling in Illinois and the riches that go with it has opened new vistas for clout. Some politicians and their friends have cashed in.

Troubled Burnham Club Closing After Thanksgiving Chaos

December 30, 2016
Double shooting, mob beatdown spurs closing of Will's Sports Bar, which was previously identified in BGA report.

Video Gambling Firms Lay Cash Bets On Illinois Politicians

November 12, 2016
The industry spent more than $1 million in political donations, helping business spread throughout the state. Is Chicago next on the docket?

Daley Machine Cogs Still Spin In Chicago Heights

October 29, 2016
In three years, Chicago Heights Mayor David Gonzalez’s financial firm adds 22 municipal contracts totaling $2.1 million.

Ex-Legislator Sandack Told Cops He Wired Money To Philippines In Extortion Scheme

September 16, 2016
Downers Grove police say case is closed on former Republican lawmaker who quit office in July. Incident stemmed from Facebook and Skype interactions with a woman.

Southwest Suburban Cop Fired For Slapping Inmate

August 18, 2016
Eight-year vet of police force seen on camera slapping man in genital area. Officer was previously suspended after a sexual assault allegation.

Blagojevich Prison Sentence Upheld

August 9, 2016
Ex-governor fails to sway judge that his sentence should be shortened.

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