Dorothy Brown Offers Political Advice — For A Price

March 3, 2017
Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown has long been dogged by allegations of pay-to-play in the administration of her office even as she also faces criticism for sloppy and inefficient record keeping.

Critics: CPS Special Ed Policy Is ‘Delay And Deny’

January 23, 2017
Parents, teachers and disability rights advocates say new oversight protocols keep kids from getting services they need, while BGA analysis raises questions about Chicago Public Schools' claims that minority students are over-identified for special ed.

Pension Late Fees Hit Chicago Charters

November 28, 2016
More than $10 million owed to the city teachers' retirement fund is paid late, triggering at least $1.8 million in fines. 

Illinois Schools Pushed To Test Water For High Lead Levels

September 20, 2016
Environmental groups propose law requiring elementary schools to test drinking fountains, other sources. Legislator cites lessons from Flint, CPS.

Women Make Up A Small Minority Of Illinois' School Leadership

September 3, 2016
Even though a majority of public school educators are women, few graduate to the top positions, a BGA analysis finds.  

Teachers’ Pension Fund Has History Of Overpaying

August 23, 2016
Just as one dispute involving overpayments is settled, another one begins.

Teachers’ Pension Fund Makes Multi-Million Dollar Mistake

August 13, 2016
The Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund miscalculated retirement benefits and overpaid retirees by $2.78 million. Now pensioners are asked to pay the money back.

Chicago Payroll Packed With Six-Figure Salaries

August 4, 2016
Adding to the city’s financial burdens, the number of high-paid workers ballooned by 92 percent since 2013. 

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