BGA Policy

BGA Policy

BGA Policy advocates for more transparent, accountable and efficient government through public policy reform. BGA Policy does this by researching, drafting, supporting, and advocating for legislation that improves transparency, equity and accountability in government in Illinois.


BGA Policy studies good government practices and advises and advocates to implement those policies in the State of Illinois. We also strive to educate the public through original research and offer recommendations to government bodies to implement those changes by way of regulation, drafting legislation, and advocacy through the mobilization of residents in the State of Illinois. BGA Policy will always recommend policies that pursue a more accountable, equitable and transparent government. 

How We Operate

BGA Policy is published by the Better Government Association, a nonprofit news organization founded in 1923 and winner of the 2022 Pulitzer Prize for local reporting. The Better Government Association also publishes the Illinois Answers Project, a nonpartisan newsroom that investigates significant problems in Chicago and Illinois through in-depth reporting and offers the most comprehensive solutions-focused reporting in the state. The BGA Policy staff and Illinois Answers Project staff operate independently of each other and with separate staff. Each staff follows strict policies and regulations that ensure the separation of journalism and advocacy.