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113 Suburban Cop Shootings, Zero Discipline

January 8, 2018
They aggressively confronted the mentally ill, fired weapons during high-speed chases and shot bystanders as well as other cops. But they were never punished or retrained.

Deadly Force Policies Ignored In Suburban Chicago

January 10, 2018
Most police department policies advise against shooting at moving cars or while other officers are in range, but such guidelines matter little to police in dangerous confrontations.

Journey Of A Judge’s Gun From Chicago Buyback To Cicero Police Shooting

July 28, 2017
A Cook County judge turned a gun in to Chicago police as part of a buyback program 13 years ago. The gun mysteriously turned up eight years later next to the body of a young man shot to death by a Cicero police officer. Cicero officials are now poised to write a $3.5 million settlement check to members of the dead man’s family.
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