Doubek: Fixing Our Fixed Politics Will Take Pressure From You

Illinois politicians have created election and governing systems designed to preserve their power, not serve voters. We will need to act up to change that and demand improvements.


Our politics aren’t broken, they’re fixed.

I can’t take credit for that truism. It came from Katherine Gehl and Michael Porter. She’s the former CEO of a food manufacturer near Milwaukee. He’s a Harvard Business School professor.

One day after Illinois’ governor candidates met in their first debate that enlightened no one, Gehl and Porter, spoke Friday at a Harvard Business School Club of Chicago luncheon about our horribly polarized politics and about solutions.

They are leading a charge nationally to fix what’s fixed. They have found our politics are dragging our nation down by many economic measures. And while their focus is on national politics and government, the findings and lessons more than apply in Illinois.

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