Greising: For Clues to Chicago's Future, Watch Lightfoot's First City Council Meeting Closely

Once she takes office as Chicago's next mayor, Lori Lightfoot will face her first test: shoring up power among the City Council members.

Chicago mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot (Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

BGA President David Greising writes every other week for the Chicago Tribune Opinion section.

Lori Lightfoot has a lot on her plate as mayor-elect, but it might take just a few hours — during her first City Council meeting — to glimpse her chances for early success.

In that time, the council’s first vote tallies will tell a lot about whether Lightfoot has the wherewithal to drive the council’s agenda.

During that first meeting after Lightfoot’s May 20 swearing-in, the mayor’s backers would like to see her bring votes on efforts to kill aldermanic privilege, open access to government records and renew restrictions on patronage hiring.

How and whether such initiatives move forward will say a lot about whether Lightfoot will be able to advance the progressive agenda that helped her win nearly 75 percent of the vote in the mayoral runoff election.

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