Greising: Illinois’ legislative session of missed chances — and one bright spot

llinois voters deserved better on the big issues this spring.

Illinois State Capitol Bldg (davidwilson1949/Flickr)

BGA President David Greising writes every other week for the Chicago Tribune Opinion section.

Illinois at times can seem a state that never misses a chance to miss a chance.

Earlier this year, there still seemed a possible chance for meaningful ethics reform. There also was a chance — theoretically at least — for fairly drawn electoral maps.

But as the spring legislative session winds down to its final days, neither seems likely to happen.

There is hope for some strengthening in the state’s fiscal health. And the fight over utility regulation, which uncharacteristically is pitting Gov. J.B. Pritzker against his stalwart union supporters, could yet result in more accountability for Commonwealth Edison.

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