Greising: Some Want the Economy Flung Open. Wake Up. COVID-19’s No Hoax.

COVID-19 is all too real. Each day brings a new revelation about its ability to avoid detection, its easy travel from carrier to victim, the way it teases the stricken with a brief bout of apparent recovery — before it goes in for the kill.

Wrigley Field and the home of the Chicago Cubs encourage the "stay at home" order amid the COVID-19 pandemic on April 21, 2020 in Chicago, Illinois. (Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images)

BGA President David Greising writes every other week for the Chicago Tribune Opinion section.

After voicing due respect for the dead and deathly ill, Dr. Ngozi Ezike on Wednesday next delivered the cold, hard COVID-19 numbers over the prior day: 192 dead, 1,677 new cases, more than 17,000 tests.

Then the director of the Illinois Department of Public Health spoke words that should not have been needed. “This is a real disease. This is a serious disease. It is not a hoax,” she said.

Only in these politically polarized times would a public official tally a death toll of nearly 4,000 souls in Illinois so far — then feel a need to state COVID-19 is nobody’s hoax.

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