Your Transparency Watchdog

Your Transparency Watchdog

BGA OpenGov is the Illinois affiliate of the National Freedom of Information Coalition

Transparency is a foundational principle of democracy, and the BGA is here to advocate on your behalf. Without access to information about the workings of government, it would be impossible for citizens to determine whether taxpayer dollars were being spent responsibly, efficiently and equitably or to hold public servants accountable for their actions.


The National Freedom of Information Coalition works with state member organizations to promote laws, policies and practices that ensure access to public records and meetings.

NFOIC members members represent nonprofit FOIA organizations, academic and First Amendment centers, journalistic associations, attorneys and civic groups.

Freedom of Information Act

The Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is the state law that governs access to public records. FOIA is based on the principle that citizens are entitled to information on how their governments work. FOIA allows citizens to monitor the actions of public officials and hold them accountable.

Open Meetings Act

The Illinois Open Meetings Act is the state law that requires governments to conduct their business in public — including providing advance notice so citizens can attend, allowing for public comment, and maintaining written minutes.

What Can You Do About FOIA/OMA Violations?

You have the right to seek a review from the Illinois Attorney General’s Public Access Counselor (PAC) OR you can file a lawsuit in Circuit Court.

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