Rescuing Illinois

BGA’s Rescuing Illinois Project is an on-going series of in-depth reports about improving and reforming state government. We conduct comprehensive analysis of the inner working of state government to identify irregularities and efficiency problems and to propose responsible solutions and reforms.

Must Reads

Illinois' Historic Problem

June 22, 2016
The state’s monuments to the past are in spiraling disrepair and their communities despair over the ultimate fate of these endangered sites, a BGA Rescuing Illinois report finds.

Biz Waits For Illinois To Pay

May 10, 2016
State’s backlog of unpaid bills keeps piling up and its vendors are feeling the pain, a Rescuing Illinois report finds.

Age-Old Question: Time For State Retirement Tax?

April 20, 2016
Support builds for controversial tariff on seniors but burden is on governor, lawmakers to forge a comprehensive budget plan, a BGA Rescuing Illinois report finds.
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