Support Our Work

Support Our Work

Investigations. Solutions. Policy. Impact.

More than 100 years since its founding, the BGA stands as a trusted stakeholder and catalyst working towards governmental transparency, equity and accountability for all Illinois residents.

With philanthropic contributions accounting for nearly 100% of our budget, partners and supporters like you ensure the full scope of the BGA’s multifaceted strategy in demanding better government through:

  • Illinois Answers Project is the BGA’s Pulitzer Prize-winning newsroom. This initiative, anchored in the tenets of investigative journalism, unearths underlying issues, galvanizing the public and policymakers with evidence-based solutions derived from data-intensive analysis.
  • BGA Policy advocates for a more transparent, equitable and accountable government through meticulous research and in-depth analysis, the pursuit of public policy reform and coalition building.
  • The Civic Engagement Program is a vital conduit between the newsroom,  policy team and the public by initiating and participating in meaningful conversations with residents and fostering alliances with local community organizations while challenging and dismantling breakdowns in government and systemic inequities in society.

From Springfield to Chicago and Rockford to Carbondale, the need for the BGA’s impactful work remains more vital than ever. Explore how you can support the BGA now—and help ensure its future for generations to come.