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BGA’s Investigative Unit digs deeper in this weekly investigative column which also appears in the Chicago Sun-Times every Sunday. We’d love to hear your thoughts and your investigative tips. Email BGA investigators at or call 312-821-9030. The BGA has a strict privacy policy and is committed to maintaining your trust and, if requested, protecting your identity.

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Must Reads

Women Make Up A Small Minority Of Illinois' School Leadership

September 3, 2016
Even though a majority of public school educators are women, few graduate to the top positions, a BGA analysis finds.

Teachers’ Pension Fund Makes Multi-Million Dollar Mistake

August 13, 2016
The Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund miscalculated retirement benefits and overpaid retirees by $2.78 million. Now pensioners are asked to pay the money back.

Chicago Police Misconduct – A Rising Financial Toll

January 31, 2016
City Hall has spent a staggering $642 million since 2004 dealing with excessive force claims and other allegations against Chicago police officers.
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