Rescuing Illinois

BGA’s Rescuing Illinois Project is an on-going series of in-depth reports about improving and reforming state government. We conduct comprehensive analysis of the inner working of state government to identify irregularities and efficiency problems and to propose responsible solutions and reforms.

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Mitsubishi Exits, What’s Illinois’ Next Move?

October 21, 2015
A public-private task force seeks a new buyer or tenant for the automaker’s mammoth plant. But government may be reluctant to sweeten a deal with tax credits or other incentives, a Rescuing Illinois report finds.

$110 million! City’s Legal Bills Pile Up

October 17, 2015
Emanuel’s outside law firm spending matches Daley’s last term as police misconduct defense fees take toll, a Rescuing Illinois report reveals.

State Prison Reform Plan Held Captive

September 24, 2015
It’s called RANA and its impact could be significant but only if Illinois’ Dept. of Corrections unlocks the program, a Rescuing Illinois report reveals.
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