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Thank you to all of our donors for your support!

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We welcome gifts of any size, any time, but we also offer some special ways to contribute:

Become a member: With an annual gift of $100 or a sustaining contribution of $10 per month, you support our investigations, policy analysis and civic engagement. You’ll receive advance news, invitations to special events and more.

Fund for Illinois Investigative Reporting: Your gift to this fund will help employ veteran investigative journalists who might otherwise leave the state, recruit talented young journalists pursuing this tradition and invest in data tools that are key to this in-depth reporting. Contact Mark Valentino to discuss a gift.

Giving Securities:  Stocks and mutual funds that have increased in value and been held for more than one year are one of the most popular assets to use when making a gift to the Better Government Association. When you donate securities to the BGA, you receive the same income tax savings that you would if you wrote us a check, but with the added benefit of eliminating capital gains taxes on the transfer, which can be as high as 20 percent. You can easily donate securities by wire transfer. For details, contact Mark Valentino.

The IRA Charitable Rollover provision allows individuals who have reached age 70 1/2 to donate up to $100,000 to charitable organizations directly from their Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA), without treating the distribution as taxable income.

This can be a beneficial option if you wish to make a charitable donation, you are required to take a minimum distribution from your IRA but do not need additional income, and you do not itemize your deductions. An IRA charitable rollover will not be included in your taxable income even if you do not itemize other deductions. For more details on the benefits and how to arrange a rollover,
please have your IRA administrator contact
Vice President of Operations Sally Gonzalez at 312.821.9029.

Sponsor an event: There are many giving levels to support our annual fundraiser and new opportunities to fund events offering insightful, in-depth conversations on good government and policy issues. Contact Mark Valentino for information.

The BGA is a nonpartisan and 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We do NOT accept donations from government agencies or political organizations. Contributions are tax deductible as provided by law.
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