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In the final episode of “The Madigan Rule,” BGA’s limited series podcast, we follow the development of the biggest public corruption investigation in Illinois history. Madigan says he did nothing wrong, but he is out of politics and his political machine destroyed. We dive into the investigation, the resignations and the end of the Madigan era. Has the game changed, or do Springfield’s new power players still follow the Madigan Rule? Episode 5 out now!


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The Madigan Rule

“The Madigan Rule” is a BGA podcast that takes listeners inside the story of how Speaker Mike Madigan ran Illinois--for good and for ill.

Hosted by Justin Kaufmann, a veteran radio host deeply steeped in state government, Kaufmann talks with people who witnessed Madigan’s exercise of power: governors, lawmakers, journalists and politicos. They feared him and revered him and had no choice but to reckon with his rules.

It’s the Madigan Rule: a podcast about Illinois’ most powerful politician, featuring those who knew him well.

Episode 4 available now.

Listen to Episodes 1, 2 , 3 & 4 of the Madigan Rule here.

Watch the trailer here.

The Failures Before the Fires

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