• Civil unions, civil rights? The Illinois House approves civil unions for homosexual and heterosexual couples. A Sun-Times editorial says it advances the cause of justice like earlier civil rights victories.
    • Judging Rahm? “Keep an eye on the Daley Center,” writes Carol Marin in her Sun-Times column—because that’s where the first court ruling in Rahm Emanuel’s residency case will probably be made by a judge hand-picked by Gery Chico supporter Ed Burke, powerful chairman of the City Council Finance Committee and overseer of judicial slating for the Cook County Democratic party.
    • Pension parity? The Illinois House adds cops and firefighters to earlier pension reform bill affecting newly hired public employees, the Trib reports. The measure also requires Chicago to increase pension fund contributions, but the Daley administration claims it can’t afford the multi-million dollar price tag.
    • Zooed out? The Trib says the Stroger administration spent $79,000 federal home renovation dollars on a September party for flood victims at Brookfield Zoo. Cook County’s Inspector General is investigating.
    • A whiteout winter? IDOT lifts the curtain on its improved website, which features an interactive map of Illinois, detailing conditions, traffic, construction, upcoming projects and places to stop—updated every 10 minutes.