BGA’s policy director Emily Miller

Emily Miller, the BGA’s policy director, talked to Springfield’s WJPF-AM about proposed legislation before the Illinois General Assembly that addresses the public safety issue of alcohol impairment for on-duty police officers throughout the state.

Recent BGA investigations found that municipalities, towns and suburbs throughout Illinois have widely different standards for governing alcohol impairment and blood-alcohol concentration levels for on-duty officers. Typically, those accepted levels are between zero to .08 percent, which is the legal definition of drunk.

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Those levels have long been included in police officers’ union contracts and came to light after the BGA investigations.

Working with the Illinois Secretary of State’s office, the BGA’s policy unit is advocating passage of a law that would create standardized alcohol impairment policy with a blood alcohol level well below .08 percent—a level that would not impair an officer’s ability to do their job.