In an effort to shine a light on the major reform issues facing the next Governor of Illinois, the Better Government Association and Reboot Illinois asked candidates in the upcoming primary election to respond to the 2014 BGA/Reboot Governor Candidate Questionnaire.

All six of the current candidates (from the two major parties) in the March 18 election have responded to the questionnaire, which consists of 10 “yes or no” questions and four short essay questions. The questionnaire focuses primarily on an array of timely “reform” issues that are of interest to the BGA, Reboot Illinois constituencies and the general public.

The BGA is a non-partisan and non-profit government watchdog organization that seeks to hold public officials accountable through investigative reporting. Another major aspect of the BGA’s mission is encouraging openness, debate and discussion of major issues through policy advocacy and community engagement.

Reboot Illinois is a non-partisan digital and social media firm that provides information and online tools designed to raise awareness and citizen involvement in key issues including: the state’s economic environment, jobs climate, corruption, education and politics.

Neither organization endorses political candidates.

By responding to the 2014 BGA/Reboot Governor Candidate Questionnaire, the gubernatorial hopefuls contribute to a robust exchange of ideas about important subjects and community issues that will undoubtedly help shape Illinois’ future.

We encourage you to review all the responses.