On Thursday, the Better Government Association stood with Cook County Clerk David Orr in support of the Office of the Cook County Clerk’s new initiative, the Running for Office Starter Kit. This promising new tool will help ease the burden on potential candidates for public office by offering clear information and nonpartisan guidance on the requirements to run for office in Illinois, such as key information on filing deadlines and petition requirements.

The BGA supports efforts to ease access to the ballot for aspiring candidates. Candidates with fewer resources and less experience campaigning are at risk of getting caught in the maze of technical paperwork and filing requirements, making them vulnerable to getting kicked off the ballot.

The Running for Office Starter Kit attempts to level that playing field, which will ideally lead to more candidates remaining on the ballot. More competitive elections lead to more vigorous public debate, a more engaged electorate and, ultimately, a more vibrant democracy.

You can access the Running for Office Starter Kit here.

Read BGA Policy Analyst Alexandra Gilewicz’s full remarks below.