With Illinois mired in a budget crisis, who should get paid by the state, when, and how should that be prioritized? Should citizens be able to see who’s waiting to be paid? What other kinds of government finance information should citizens be able to access? To help voters make their decisions, the Better Government Association and Reboot Illinois asked Illinois Comptroller candidates to respond to those questions in the 2016 BGA/Reboot Candidate Questionnaire.

All four candidates in the Nov. 8 election responded to seven essay questions.

The BGA is a non-partisan, non-profit government watchdog organization that shines a light on government and holds public officials accountable. Our mission also encourages transparency, honesty, fairness, accountability, and efficiency through policy advocacy and community engagement.

Reboot Illinois is a non-partisan digital and social media firm that provides news, views, fact checks and online tools designed to raise awareness and citizen involvement. It is the exclusive partner of PolitiFact, producing PolitiFact Illinois.

Neither organization endorses political candidates.

By responding, the comptroller hopefuls contribute to a robust exchange of ideas about the state’s fiscal future and how this state office could affect it.  The candidates’ responses have not been edited. They are published exactly as they were submitted.

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