Trump’s ‘Sanctuary City’ Plan Could Cost Chicago $3.6 Billion
Despite a clear lack of specific details from the president-elect, a BGA analysis shows that Chicago could lose billions in federal aid in 2017 if Donald Trump follows through on his campaign threat.

Chicago Police Misconduct – Rising Financial Toll
BGA analysis shows how much police misconduct costs taxpayers: $106 million in 2014 and 2015 alone, covering misconduct-related settlements, judgments, legal fees and other costs.

How CPS Failed Laquan McDonald
Teen gunned down by a Chicago cop had rough road through deeply flawed Chicago Public Schools, child-welfare systems.

Beyond the Rubble: Life After CHA Upheaval
In a series of stories with the Chicago Sun-Times, we examine the human and economic effects of the Chicago Housing Authority’s “Plan for Transformation” – a multi-year effort to move tens of thousands of low-income residents from crime-ridden, high-rise public housing in Chicago.

Illinois Awash In Tax Breaks
A BGA investigation finds Illinois has a plethora of 257 separate categories of breaks that cost the state $9.4 billion in fiscal 2015. That’s more than the gaping $8 billion budget hole the state is now struggling to fill.

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Rauner Reprieve On Costly Credit Swap Solution May Have Political Timetable
Deal to spare the state potentially costly penalties expires the day after the next election for governor in 2018.

Trump Towers With Huuge Tax Savings
President-elect Donald Trump saved a whopping $800,000 in property taxes on his unoccupied penthouse because of a unique Cook County tax policy.

Chicago Payroll Packed With Six-Figure Salaries
Adding to the city’s financial burdens, the number of high-paid workers has ballooned by 92 percent since 2013.

Chicago Bag Tax Is About Green, But What Kind?
Mayor Rahm Emanuel says bag tax is about the environment, but critics say it’s about cash.

Blagojevich’s Inner Circle: Where Are They Now?
The BGA takes a look at where his former aides landed. One worked for U2’s Bono and Jill Biden, another served New York Mayor Bloomberg, while others dropped out of sight.

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