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Join the BGA in telling lawmakers to end gerrymandering and draw fair legislative and congressional maps without regard to politics.

Illinois lawmakers need to vote by May 6 in order to get an independent and fair redistricting constitutional amendment on the ballot in November.

When politicians draw maps, they draw them to protect incumbents, limit your choices and take away the power of your vote. They draw maps behind closed doors to preserve their own power. Gerrymandering leads to entrenched political leaders and incumbents.

It fuels further partisanship and gridlock.

Legislative and congressional maps should be drawn by independent commissioners in a transparent process with several hearings statewide so that citizens can have a say and can trust the process again.

The constitutional amendments in the House and Senate, HJRCA 43 and SJRCA 26, would create a fairer process and ensure maps are drawn with public input. The commission would be required to abide by the Freedom of Information Act and the Open Meetings Act and it would comply with federal standards to ensure minority communities are fairly represented and that geographic communities are respected as much as possible.

Lawmakers need to hear from you to know that this is a make-or-break moment for you if they want your support. Tell them to vote for fair maps. Tell them you expect them to vote for the Fair Map Amendments, HJRCA 43 and SJRCA 26, in order to win your support in the November election.

When politicians draw legislative districts, corruption is born. Gerrymandered districts take away your vote. Your choice. Your power.