If your right to vote were taken from you right now, would you care?

If you had no voice in the workings of your community, what would you do? Would you take to the streets? Would you resist and rebel? Would you fight? Would you demand your right back?

In many respects and in many places around Illinois, people cast ballots, but the outcome already is known. It’s rigged. We’re holding an election Nov. 4 and 157 Illinois House and Senate seats will be on the ballot. But 77 of those seats will have only one candidate running. That means 49 percent, nearly half, of the races won’t be competitive. Voters won’t have any choice at all. In others, there might be more than one candidate, but the district’s lines have been drawn so that the politicians who drew them already know which party is likely to win.

This is the product of gerrymandering. Your rights and your votes are being stolen from you. Will you fight back?

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