Department of Human Resources

The city’s Department of Human Resources manages the city’s hiring, firing and employee discipline administration, including the civil service testing and application process. DHR also manages payroll, benefits and other major HR functions.

Change Highlights and Context

  • The 2023 proposal more than doubles DHR’s staffing complement, up from 83 full-time employees to 131. That growth includes 16 new Recruiting Coordinator positions and 13 new Onboarding Specialist positions. Citywide staffing is up 803 full-time positions in the 2023 budget, which combined with the large increase in recruitment and onboarding staff suggests a major hiring push.
  • The staff increase also includes a new Labor Relations section with a director, assistant director, and two supervisor/specialist positions.
  • DHR’s Professional and Technical Services (outside contracting) budget has been significantly reduced from roughly $1 million in 2022 to $310,563 in 2023, a -70.3% reduction.

City Clerk

The city clerk is one of three elected city-wide officials, along with the mayor and the treasurer. The clerk’s office maintains the records for City Council and manages a number of licensing programs including vehicle stickers, residential zoned parking, dog registration and the City Key ID program.

Change Highlights and Context

  • The clerk’s office budget remained relatively consistent from 2022 to 2023. There were no major increases in appropriations or staffing levels.
  • The largest expense category increase was in software maintenance and licensing, which rose $371,126.
  • The clerk’s office reduced its professional and technical services (outside contracting) budget by $178,089, a -23.2% reduction.

City Treasurer

The city treasurer is one of three elected city-wide officials, along with the mayor and the clerk. The treasurer manages the city’s bank accounts, as well as its pension and investment funds.

Change Highlights and Context

  • The treasurer’s office budget increase is primarily driven by a $309,374 (49.9%) increase in the Professional and Technical Services (outside contracting) appropriations account and by increases in personnel costs.
  • Overall headcount is up by three full-time positions, with an overall increase in budgeted salaries of $414,983 (12.3%).
  • No appropriations categories were reduced from 2022. The treasurer’s budget has either increased or remained the same across all categories.

Geoffrey Cubbage is a policy and budget analyst focusing on the Illinois General Assembly and Chicago's City Council. Prior to joining the Better Government Association in 2022, Geoffrey served as Director...