The License Appeal Commission is a standalone adjudicatory body for hearings relating to business liquor licenses. It is the city’s smallest department by headcount and budget. 

Snapshot: Appropriation & Staffing Changes from 2023 Budget

2023 Budgeted2024 ProposedNet ChangePercent Change
Positions & FTEs1100.0%

Departmental Highlights

  • LAC staffing levels did not change. The commission continues to operate with a single staff assistant.
  • Other than salary increases, the departmental budget included no major increases or decreases, with all other appropriation adjustments less than $1000. 

Historical Context

From 2011-2023, the department budget grew at an average rate of 0.5% per year. Departmental budgets overall increased an average of 5.9% per year over the same time period, while the total city budget including Finance General appropriations grew at an average rate of 8.2% annually.

The department’s budgeted workforce has not changed in over a decade, with a single full-time employee assisting the commission from 2011-2023. Overall budgeted positions for the city remained relatively flat across the same time period, with minor year-to-year fluctuations averaging out to an overall growth rate of -0.04%.


Staffing levels have not changed. The commission continues to operate with a single staff assistant.


LAC’s proposed budget for 2024 includes no substantial non-salary increases. All other budget adjustments were less than a thousand dollars. 


Geoffrey Cubbage is a policy and budget analyst focusing on the Illinois General Assembly and Chicago's City Council. Prior to joining the Better Government Association in 2022, Geoffrey served as Director...