The Office of the Inspector General has jurisdiction to conduct investigations, audits and reviews of most aspects of City government. It is one of a small number of departments with a guaranteed budget floor, and must receive funding equal to or greater than 0.14% of the total annual appropriations (excluding payments to sister agencies and pension payments above the 2014 level). 

Snapshot: Appropriation & Staffing Changes from 2023 Budget

2023 Budgeted2024 ProposedNet ChangePercent Change
Positions & FTEs125124-1-0.80%

Departmental Highlights

  • OIG appropriations are up roughly 9%, consistent with the department’s historical growth rate and somewhat higher than the citywide average annual growth.
  • Apart from salary and wage increases, the department had only one appropriations increase: a new $5000 appropriation for advertising.
  • Overall headcount is down one position, with the most significant personnel changes the addition of a Chief Assistant Inspector General and a Web Developer/Administrator.

Historical Context

The Office of Inspector General has expanded several times in both administrative scope and budgeted staff and appropriations over the years, as various updates to its establishing ordinance strengthened the role of the department. 

From 2011-2023, the department budget grew at an average rate of 9.3% per year. Departmental budgets overall increased an average of 5.9% per year over the same time period, while the total city budget including Finance General appropriations grew at an average rate of 8.2% annually.

The department’s budgeted workforce grew at a rate of roughly 5.9% annually from 2011-2023. Overall budgeted positions for the city remained relatively flat across the same time period, with minor year-to-year fluctuations averaging out to an overall growth rate of -0.04%.

The 2024 budget proposal continues OIG’s growth in appropriations at roughly average levels, up 9% from the previous year’s budget. Headcount is down by one, a roughly -0.8% reduction.


Apart from title changes, the only significant staffing changes at OIG in the mayor’s proposed budget are the addition of a Chief Assistant Inspector General and a Web Developer/Administrator. Staffing levels are relatively consistent with the previous year’s budget, with a net change of only one position eliminated. 


Largest Appropriations

As with most departments, the Office of Inspector General’s largest expenses are primarily personnel-related. The largest non-staff/salary appropriations in the department’s proposed 2024 budget are software maintenance and licensing and professional and technical services (outside contracting) 

Change from Previous Year

Apart from salary and wage increases, the only appropriation increase in OIG’s 2024 budget is a new $5000 line item for advertising. The appropriation for outside contracting declined modestly, down about 1.4%.


Geoffrey Cubbage is a policy and budget analyst focusing on the Illinois General Assembly and Chicago's City Council. Prior to joining the Better Government Association in 2022, Geoffrey served as Director...