About Us

The Better Government Association is Illinois’ only non-partisan, full-service watchdog organization. We’re shining a light on government in Illinois and holding public officials accountable.


The Better Government Association is a non-partisan, nonprofit news organization and civic advocate working for transparency, efficiency and accountability in government in Chicago and across Illinois.

What We Do

The BGA uncovers waste and wrongdoing in government, holds elected officials accountable, litigates for open records and meetings, advocates for good government and empowers citizens to engage and act.

How We Operate

The BGA’s Investigations team and Policy team operate autonomously, with internal policy and practices that insure the separation of journalism and advocacy.

The Investigations team produces objective, high-impact reporting that enlightens readers and leads to better government in Chicago and across Illinois.

The Policy and Civic Engagement teams work in a non-partisan manner to advance good government in Illinois, taking action at times in response to BGA investigations.