Obummer? President Obama’s proposed 2012 budget calls for cuts that will likely impact some Chicago-area programs, but will save approximately $23 billion. YOU decide. (Image courtesy dpstyles/Flickr)

Waste water. The Trib reports the head of a virtually bankrupt water management district in Aurora is paying himself, his girlfriend and her daughter $110,000 a year to do jobs that are frequently done by volunteers. BGA says pull the plug.

Borrow not. A Trib editorial argues that Gov. Pat Quinn’s $8.75 billion borrowing plan should be DOA in the General Assembly because it won’t pay off the overdue bills he claims it will and, more importantly, he hasn’t implemented enough spending and efficiency reforms.

Burke bodyguards. The mayoral candidates discuss Alderman and Finance Chairman Ed Burke’s power and security detail at last night’s WTTW debate. Rahm Emanuel says he’d pull Burke’s police bodyguards if elected. BGA recently sued the Chicago Police Department to obtain information on the detail’s cost and the manpower so citizens and public officials can assess the value and necessity of the perk.

Electric shock. SouthtownStar columnist Phil Kadner writes about a bill proposed by state Rep. Kevin McCarthy (D-Orland Park) that would give utilities like ComEd guaranteed rate increases in exchange for a pledge to create jobs via infrastructure improvements. Consumer groups oppose the idea.

Judy bars bankruptcy. Greg Hinz covers newly elected Illinois Controller Judy Baar Topinka’s plea to a House committee in Washington not to let states declare bankruptcy because it would hurt Illinois in almost every way. “Misguided” idea, she says.